'With-Profits plans are anything but...' RYWP in the Mail on Sunday


Tens of millions of investors have £300billion locked away in ‘with-profits’ funds – but many are in the dark about the nuances of the product or are blissfully unaware they could be heading for disappointment with their investments.

We talked to the Mail on Sunday about these poor with-profit investments - read the full article here

Here's a snippet of the article from our very own Bukta Miah:

Bukta Miah, a regulated adviser from the online and phone service Get Financial Advice, says the insurance industry uses ‘ball and cup magic tricks’ when it comes to bonuses. Investors, he says, struggle to guess which cup the bonus ball is hiding under.

He explains: ‘Over the years, some with-profits providers have cut annual bonuses to the bone because they are costly. Instead, they have put more emphasis on the final bonuses that can be reduced without warning or withdrawn altogether.

‘Policyholders are having the wool pulled over their eyes – they think they are invested in something safe, getting a good return, not knowing they are riding a wave.

‘When we produce reports for people on how their with-profits plans are performing they often react with surprise followed by dismay and anger.’



If you hold a with-profits pension, endowment or investment bond, it will pay you to have its suitability reviewed by a financial expert.

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