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This web site is designed to help you, if you have a with profits policy (of any type), find out more about the market position and offer you a bespoke service where we can provide you with an individual assessment and review of your own with-profits position.

All you have to do is enter the name of your with profits product provider into the search engine on our home page


Review With Profits is a website run by Penguin Wealth. The site is a home for anyone who has a with-profits plan, whether a savings plan, life assurance, pension, with-profits bond or annuity to find out more about the market and how these plans work.

Penguin Wealth offers a free review service; this allows you to get an individual and tailored report on the exact status of your own plan or policy. It is often the case that general information about a company’s with-profits fund does not tell you how your plan/policy is performing or what the specific prospects are. Often there are individual policy terms and conditions, which are the most important element and these can only be revealed through a tailored and individual review.

Review Your With Profits is a part of Penguin Wealth LLP, a multi-award winning financial planning firm based in Cardiff. Penguin Wealth offers a service nationally providing help and support to people right across the UK. This service is provided by telephone and across the internet. It includes, where appropriate, introducing investors who use funds to the Advanced Investment Strategy, a method of fund investing with a fantastic track record of producing high returns based on different risk fund portfolios. This performance track record stretches back 21 years.

Penguin Wealth LLP is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

You can rest assured therefore that you are dealing with a regulated business, with exceptional qualifications and a set of awards and accreditations for its expertise, service and operating standards, which are, arguably, second to none.

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