Is my with profits policy good or bad?

Elsewhere on our site we provide individual company by company analysis and breakdowns of how different with profits providers are performing at a general level.


However, if you have money in with profits this company/provider analysis is only a guide. Nothing can replace getting your own individual report (click here to get your own personalised report).


Some good with-profits providers may have individual policies which are performing badly or need attention; alternatively some poor providers may have situations where you would be best-placed staying with them.


This is the irony: it is impossible to provide blanket advice or guidance around any company without looking at the individual facts/position. If you have money in a with profits Bond, Pension or Endowment then you can only really assess its full value and all the considerations about whether you should stick or twist with an individual, tailored report.


You can request a With Profits Review by completing the form on the right of this page.

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